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Simulator Briefing

Aviation Consultants Worldwide offers a new and interactive way to conduct pre-briefings for simulatorsessions. Please click and visit our Simulator Briefing page for more information.

Flows Chart

This relates to the pilot flows used while in the cockpit. It is a major requirement that will facilitate the efficient learning of all pilots and also make their work load in the aircraft far easier and more efficient. This is a step by step guide that walks the pilot through on what to do next.

Quick Reference Handbook / Quick Reference Checklist (QRH/QRC)

This relates to the Emergency Operations for the ERJ-170/175/190/195. This is a step by step guide that walks the flight crew through to completion of failures and emergencies in the aircraft. A very important document and is a required document in the aircraft at all times for normal operations.

Normal Operating Checklist

This document relates to the normal and safe operation of the aircraft. Another very important document and it is a required document that must be carried in the cockpit at all times. 2 copies must be present at all times.

Standard Operating Procedures – Aircraft Operating Manual   SOP – AOM I

This relates as to how the aircraft needs to be operated at all levels consistent with your airline policies and procedures and is also consistent with the procedures of the aircraft manufacturer and the aviation authorities in your country. All procedures also meet and exceed FAA and JAA standards. A very important document that all pilots must have in their possession and this document will also have to be approved by your local aviation authorities. A copy of this document must also be available in the aircraft at all times. These above documents must have the highest priority and the need is quite important in normal airline operation. The Embraer factory manuals and checklists get the job done and are good enough however since they are not airline specific their efficient use is hindered considerably.

Please also be informed that all of the above comes with a 2 year support plan. Ongoing and constant support is provided to your training department to update all educational material.

Initial Operating Experience – IOE

This is a requirement that must be met prior to the flight crew being allowed to go on their own – unsupervised. Your aviation authorities require this training for all E-170/175/190/195 pilots. Minimum requirements will be set either by your airline and or the governing aviation authorities. We can provide the necessary qualified Check Airmen to accommodate this requirement.

Simulator Instruction – T R I

Our highly qualified instructors who are also line pilots with other airlines and skilled simulator instructors can provide expert instruction as it relates to your airline specific operation using only your own company verbiage, procedures and policies. We can customize procedures to your specific training standards and requirements. Each session also includes 2 hour – pre and post brief time.

Type Rated Examiner – T R E

Our examiners on staff have had over 20 years of Airline Transport Pilot examining authority on a variety of aircraft. We currently have 2 examiners on staff to specifically conduct type ratings on the ERJ-170 and the ERJ-190 family of aircraft. We can conduct this at any location around the world.

Contract Pilots with TRI designation – Short and Long Term

We can also provide a limited number of airline specific qualified pilots who can fly your aircraft until replacement pilots are found. A grounded aircraft without flight crews is very expensive to own.

E-170/175/190/195 Systems Ground Schools

The cost to provide this will depend upon the specific needs of your airline. We can provide specific particulars upon further detailed discussions. It is our intent to alleviate any duplication thus creating further cost savings for you. We can also provide training to bring your own training department up to date on the aircraft systems and provide all appropriate training materials. We can also train your cadre of instructors. This will allow your training department to be self supporting.

FMS Training

It is our intent to be very cost effective – ALWAYS! Depending upon all of your specific needs with the tools you may already have will determine the total costs in providing these services. We do understand that the FMS is the life blood of this aircraft and the training that we will provide will be without question the best anyone can possibly receive. 

Please note that the above products come with a 2 year support plan. Only Aviation Consultants Worldwide provides this service at no cost to you.

Aircraft Delivery Ferry Services

We can ferry or reposition your aircraft anywhere in the world. ACW only uses the most qualified and current pilots. Prior coordination is required to meet prompt delivery schedules.

Our Motivation – Our Goals – Quality is Job #1

It is our objective to always provide the highest quality of service to you with the least cost. It is our sincere wish to have you as a client for the long term. A relationship built on respect, trust and true professionalism.

Just as most airlines pick and choose their vendors with whom they choose to do business with, we at Aviation Consultants Worldwide strongly believe in creating excellent working relationships as this is a win-win situation for both of us.

We l i s t e n to our customers.

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